How Muslims Benefit from Online Education

With the advent of online education through the internet, it has become easier and easier for people to gain higher education regarding all disciplines when previously they could not due to the high fees and overall expensive nature of regular colleges and universities. Online education is not only limited to academic studies as in today’s world many people have started online academies and digital schools that provide among many other, religious education. Online education is very beneficial and provides many significant advantages over attending regular classes in a physical institute. However it must be noted that not all kinds of education can be acquired through online means. Quran is the holy book of Muslims that was revealed to prophet Muhammad (SAW) through the Angel Jibreel (A.S) by Allah (SWT). Reading, reciting, understanding and acting upon it is an obligation that each and every Muslims owes the Quran. Though part of the daily lives, school and college curriculums in the Muslim world, many Muslims living across the world in minority areas find themselves at a stark disadvantage in regards to there not being many Islamic centers where they can learn about Quran for themselves or their children. Often the main problem can be the lack of good teachers which are very scarce in non-Muslim countries.

Online Quran tutor & teachers provide the best alternative to such people who cannot find the time, or an institute to learn the Quran. These online Quran tutor & teachers provide all necessary courses that can help a person learn and understand the Quran and can even provide assistance if a person wishes to memorize Quran online. Many schools that have been established on the internet to provide Islamic education have courses that allow people to memorize Quran online, learn Quran with tajweed and even gain understanding of the Quran through studying its tafseer.