Guidance to Live a Good Life in this World

The Quran is the word of Allah (SWT) and it was sent towards mankind over 1400 years ago through Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as guidance to live a good life in this world and find success in the hereafter. Though to Muslims the Quran is the holy and extremely significant regarding to their faiths, it has recently become evident that many people around the world especially non-Muslims have begun to take an active interest in this divine scripture. One of the things that non-Muslims themselves have admitted to that has surprised them the most about the Quran is that it is quite different from what they expected. Most non-Muslims assume that just like the bible, the Quran is a 1400 year old that came out from a desert. When they actually begin to read and study it, they find themselves overwhelmed that not only is this book relevant to modern times, but also incredibly knowledgeable and guiding. When most non-Muslims go into the Quran with the mindset that because the Quran came to a desert people, they are going to read about the desert but when they do read it, they are amazed at how many topics the book of Allah (SWT) covers with eloquence. 

It is imperative to learn and teach the Quran and there are many digital schools across the world that provides opportunities for people to learn Quran recitation online and online Quran teaching for kids. Many people hold the correct view that it is important to start Islamic knowledge education for a child when he or she are in their adolescent years. It is a proven scientific fact that many things that are learned during the early years of childhood stick with people for the rest of their lives. Online Quran teaching for kids that allows them to learn Quran recitation online and give them a glimpse of what the faith of Islam is all about is one of the most sought after online Quranic courses in the world today and these are particularly popular in western nations where there are few opportunities to learn about Islamic values.