Fulfill an Obligation

There are a thousand things that people will tell a person on how he or she can memorize the Quran, and while it is not meant to say that those steps work, most of them are a bit complicated and people are not able to them easily. Quran is the final revelation from Allah (SWT) and it is the duty of every Muslim adult and child to recite and understand it. The Quran has rights of Muslim and deserves respect. One of the biggest respects that a person can show to the Quran is to memorize it entirely. Quran is the most memorized book in the world and is the only book that is memorized by millions of people daily. The practice of memorization is not new, rather it stems from its origins from the old Arab culture’s oral traditions. In the past Arabs prided themselves on being able to memorize lengthy amounts of texts and be able to recall them. In the time of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), this practice was thought of as common and while some companions where specifically told to write the revealed verses of the Quran in order to preserve them, most of the companions that heard the Prophet (SAW), memorized the Quran orally. Today this practice is going strong as ever and many people around the world dedicate good portions of their lives to fulfill this honor. Online Quran memorization under and Quran tutor online has become widely popular and widespread. People today memorize Quran online due to a number of reasons. The practice to memorize Quran online is not thought of any lesser than to attend a mosque and memorize there. A person who is a qualified Quran tutor online is able to help greatly and provide all the skills and expertise that a normal teacher provides for those that choose go for online Quran memorization.