From Christianity to Islam How Mark Hanson became Hamza Yusuf Part 2

Spending four years in UAE, Hamza Yusuf became a Muadhin or the caller to prayer and the imam at a local mosque. It was at that time that he met with African scholars who kindled his interest in learning about traditional Islam as it is being taught to this day in West Africa. He learned greatly from these scholars before he went to study in West Africa.

The journey that started from a fateful car accident led Hamza to travel to various parts of the Middle East where he over the course of 10 years, he gained numerous Ijazas, or teaching licenses from some of the greatest scholars of traditional Islam that still remained. His travels took him to places such as the UAE, Medina, Algeria, Morocco and West Africa. He eventually came back to the United States of America where he earned degrees in nursing and religious studies from Imperial Valley College and San Jose State University.

Since the Hamza Yusuf has travelled across the world to different countries where he has given talks and lectures on Islam and it is worth mentioning here that his video and audio recordings sell in the thousands across the world. Sheikh Hamza Yusuf is one of the few Imams in the world today we would argue that leave a lasting impression on the hearts of the listener. His way of preaching and manner of speaking have captivated the hearts of millions across the world and it is not unusual to see people moved to tears by his words. He has a friendly demeanor and lighthearted way of spreading the religion of Islam and it is not uncommon to find him make his point in accompanied by humor so that the people might understand it better. He has been a driving force in inspiring confidence in many young Muslims who have become disillusioned with the world and the West in particular. He has also been a driving force when it comes to advocating tolerance and negates the intolerance that is plaguing the Muslim societies today. Hamza Yusuf is one of the founding member of Zaytuna College in America and is a frequent scholar and teacher in short courses which are often organized by other learning institutes of in the country.

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