Even Muslims are facing a Decline in Traditional Family Values

We Muslims live in an ever evolving world that sadly every day is leaning more and more towards an immoral future. Now we understand that some of the people reading this will immediately think that Islam is a regressive religion and does not allow free thought. Nothing is more further from the truth because Islam was the first religion that promoted education for both men and women and also guided people to reason and think. Islam provided this right to the people when all the other religions in the world allowed free thinking in a very minute capacity. Islam promoted scientists and scholars who provided the world with some of the greatest minds, knowledge, inventions, and innovations that are still relevant to this day. To say that Islam is regressive in nature and irrelevant for the modern times is nothing short of a delusion. What most people fail to realize is that Islam is an ideology but it is also a religion. There are rules and regulations in Islam that needs to be followed if one wants to be a Muslim. It’s as simple as that and there is no other sugarcoated way to term it.

Most people that criticize Islam are the ones who live in societies that have actively separated Religion from the State and by doing so they think that they are progressive and modern as opposed to those that follow a 1400+ year old religion. And yet, these very societies that are so called made up of free thinkers have degraded into Godless structures where things like Marriage are thought of as old fashioned and regressive but immoral relations that have led to the destruction of family values are thought of as a progressive thing.

Family Values in Islam

For Muslims, the house is the home and the home is not just a place where they rest and eat but it is a place where we spend a good and productive time with our families together. A home is a place that provides the husband and wife privacy and a place where all the people can worship Allah (SWT) together in harmony and peace. Here the concern rises that in a time when anti-family values are on the rise, how are Muslim families and homes are being affected by this changing nature of relationships. Though there is no certain ways to tell who are happy and who are not, there is no doubt however that many Muslim families are also today facing social and personal issues that are seriously affecting entire families.

Reasons for Declining Family Values

In the olden times it was easier to raise a family because the society at large was pro-family. This is not only true for Muslims even for those people who today have shifted towards a more anti-family approach to life. There was a time when people were always in the sights of positive role models and most importantly, the mass media always promoted good family values. However in the last few decades, this has changed alarmingly. In today’s world, almost everything that we see on the media especially promotes immorality and portrays the family structure in a demeaning light. One of the biggest examples is how these very sources that promote these immoral values, have taken direct attacks on religions, and termed them as being intolerant and regressive for the human condition. However these are not the only reasons why family values are declining even among Muslims today. Certain economic issues are also to blame where we live in a society today that both parents including the mother of children have to work to meet their needs and requirements. These parents leave the care of their children in the hands of day-care institutes where they are more vulnerable to negative influences.

Some ways to Prevent this Decline

It is best to take the initiative to fix our families. No one knows better themselves what kinds of problems are facing their families. One of the best ways to take the first step towards a happy household is to always remember the blessings of Allah (SWT) in the form of a wife and children. Marriage is a big commitment and deep collaboration between the husband and the wife and all the problems of life should be face together instead of blaming one another. Perhaps the best advice for all mankind and Muslims in particular, for both the husband and wife is to just follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) for a happy life in this world and success in the next one.

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