Creating Ideal Islamic Environment at Home

It is Allah who has made for you your homes as a place of rest and He made for you homes out of the skins of the cattle which you find portable on the day of your shifting and on the day of your halt, and out of their wool, their fur and hair furniture and wares [enduring] for a while.
(Quran Surah Nahl 16:80)

A mother is the first friend, love, guide, and teacher to a child. It is through the charms, guidance and love of a mother that a child is able to learn and get nurtured early on in his or her life. Apart from the extraordinarily large and important role of a mother in building an Islamic household, strong family ties and the tendency to follow the Quran and the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in all matters of life is the key foundation of a happy and pious house which is not only a role model for those that live around them but a good healthy example for all of society. In the most basic terms it is the duty of the parents, both parents not just the mother to teach children about life, the basics and beauty of Islam and to bring them up to be better Muslims. For this, establishing and maintaining a good Islamic environment at home is the basic and most important step. It must be noted also that children are bound to pick up their parent’s attitudes and temperaments and habits at a younger age since they are their role models, which is why parents should always keep a happy outlook on life around their children.
Here are some ways to make and ideal Islamic environment at home:

Keep the Devil Away

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the last Messenger of Allah (SWT) that lived in Arabia over 1400 years ago and it was to him that the Quran was revealed. He is also the greatest human being to have ever walked the earth and in fact, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the only person in the history of humanity who’s every manner, habit and tradition has been recorded for the rest of mankind. Among these traditions are the hadith, the sayings of the Prophet and these are extremely important to the religion of Islam since after Quran, the hadith are the most sacred and go to texts for guidance.
With that in mind it is a good practice to mention one or more than one hadiths to the children during the day and night. Since Hadiths are the sayings of the Prophet (SAW), it will awaken a general awareness in the household regarding Islam. Make a habit of mentioning a hadith when eating, sitting together, dinner time and when you are about to go sleep. Constant remembrance of Allah through the mentioning of hadiths and pondering on it will keep the devil at bay and prevent him from invading the thoughts of Muslims.

Pray Together

Muslims are a living picture of unity. What countless other factions and ideas has failed to do in the past and are still failing due to their flawed ideologies, bringing people together to one point, Islam had already accomplished 1400 years ago. It is true that today there are several factions among the Muslims that follow specific schools of thought, but unlike the non-Muslims, all Muslims to this day hold onto 1 basic reality, that there is not God but Allah, and Muhammad (SAW) is His messenger.
In order to establish a good Islamic environment in home, it is a good idea to pray at least one prayer in congregation. Children that pray with their parents from and an early age become aware of the importance and beauty of the worship of Allah (SWT).


Recite the Quran

Quran is the sacred book of the Muslims and the most important text in Islam. It is the last revelation that Allah (SWT) sent towards mankind as guidance and it is His word. Reading the Quran and understanding it is the duty of every Muslim, so what better way to stronger family ties than to recite the book of Allah (SWT) together. It is the duty of parents to give their kids education regarding the Quran and teach them to learn it. For those that are unable to teach their children themselves and do not have access to scholars or institutes, can have their children learn Quran online.