Convenient ways to Gain Knowledge of Islam

One of the worst things that a Muslim can do in this life is to take his or her religion non-seriously. Islamic knowledge and doctrine are not something to be taken lightly regardless if a person is old or young. The sad thing about today’s world is that Muslims have begun to lose interest and appeal in their own religion. Being brought up and constantly being fed modern ideas which are nothing more than mere opinions of individual people, people tend to take these as fact and begin to question everything that does not stand directly in accordance with these modern opinions. It is a disastrous affair, when Muslims around the world today tend to question their own religion based on the actions of a few misguided people or through believing the opinions and words of such people as fact who themselves have no idea what Islam really stands for. The thirst for the truth and to gain knowledge is fast declining among the Muslims of today and it is now commonly seen that many do not even have basic knowledge about Islam which instantly disables them from not only spreading the religion but also defending it and clearing all misunderstandings that are so commonly and irresponsibly attributed to it in today’s media.


What can be done to remedy this?

As mentioned above, Islamic doctrine and its teachings should not be taken lightly and cast aside as easily as some Muslims across the world are doing on a daily basis. When Muslims themselves begin to question Islam on the actions of few regardless of the fact that Islam itself has nothing to do with those actions and no condone them, it seriously sends out the single that it is time to educate not only these Muslims but the entire world, about what Islam really is about and what the Quran actually says. One of the problems that were facing Muslims in the past about not having a good place to learn or good teachers to learn from especially for those living in western nations, has been longed remedied in the form online Quran classes. These online Quran classes allow people to learn Quran online through a qualified and learned scholar that has been chosen through extensive hiring procedures. One of the things that people have to be on the lookout for when choosing online Quran classes to learn about the Quran is to make extensive research on their own part regarding online Quran academies before committing to one of them. There are many schools across the world that are dedicated only to spread the message of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and Allah’s (SWT) religion and to teach the masses how to recite and understand the Quran. People who learn Quran online often find themselves gaining an enriching experience for they not only learn under the guidance of a qualified teacher but they learn Quran online from the comfort of their own homes that allows them to concentrate better.

What is Your Excuse?

People in the past used to travel thousands of miles to learn even the slightest bit of the Quran from a good teacher to raise their knowledge of Islam. With so many convenient ways to learn Islam such as online Islamic schools through mobile applications and Skype education courses, what is our excuse for not learning and spreading the message of Islam in the world?