Best way to Learn Quran

Every language in the world needs to follow a set of rules and prescribed regulations that allow it to be tangible and understandable. Arabic is no exception and in fact, Arabic the language in which the Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) over 1400 years ago through the angel Jibreel (AS) by Allah (SWT), is one of the more complex albeit extremely easy to learn and understand languages in the world. Similarly to common Arabic, classical Arabic in which the Quran has been revealed and recorded also has robust sets of rules and regulations that allow a person to correctly read and recite the Quran without altering its meaning. These rules that govern the reciting of the Quran combined are known as Tajweed. For those who learn Quran at home through online Quran tutor & teachers it is best that they learn Quran reading online with Tajweed.

There are many benefits to learn Quran at home, the primary being that it enables a student to learn according to his or her own timings and pace by qualified and learned online Quran tutor & teachers. A person can now join an online Islamic academy, enroll into a Tajweed course and can learn Quran reading online with Tajweed. To understand the importance of Tajweed, it is best to have a bit of a background on how it started and became important. Though already started in the 2nd century after Hijri it wasn’t until the 4th century that Tajweed became a separate science. The main purpose of Tajweed was to give clarification on the meaning of words that might have two meanings in the Quran, for example, just as stars and planets existed, terms that clarified between the planets and the stars came into being that help people today differentiate between the two types of heavenly bodies. The matter was always there. Similarly, flowers and plants were there, but Tajweed gives these classifications.