Believe in the oneness of Allah SWT

The messengers that were sent towards mankind throughout history had a common message, to believe in the oneness of Allah (SWT) and these messengers also through Allah’s (SWT) guidance, taught mankind how to worship the Allah (SWT) so that they may find salvation in this life and the next. All in all the message of these prophets can be summarized down to;

1.    To firmly believe that Allah (SWT) is one and alone is His great essence and attributes.
2.    To firmly believe that Allah (SWT) alone is worthy of all kinds of worship and no partners should ever be worshipped along or besides Him.
3.    To safeguard human life and spirituality and to oppose all kinds of evil.
4.    To invite people to the true path that leads to the Almighty Allah (SWT).

There are many people across the world that ask the question that if all the messengers of the past brought the same message of the oneness of Allah (SWT) then why does the narrative of all those surviving religions differ so much and why is Islam the true religion. The answer is simple, the prophets before Prophet Muhammad (SAW) were sent to a specific nation for a specific time whereas Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was sent with the message of Islam for all nations for all times. Since the Quran is the last divine revelation, it is only compulsory to give it respect while reciting it. There are many schools that provide online tajweed courses where a person can learn Quran at home. These tajweed courses online are taught under the guidance of a learned scholars. There are thousands of people worldwide that hearing the call of Islam but cannot find suitable institute to learn, turn to online tajweed courses where they can learn how to recite and learn Quran at home. Tajweed courses online have become also famous with those who wish to learn classical Arabic for research purposes.