At What Age Should Children Be Taught The Quran

Many people have a common question about the proper age for a child to learn the Quran. When should parents start teaching their child and how to read Quran, is the basic question which is usually followed by the inquiry about what is the appropriate age for a child to start memorizing Quran.There is no doubt that parents are responsible of the basic education of a child whether it is religious or secular. It is imperative to teach children the Quran and about the religion in order to enable them to lead a good and pious life. In very basic terms there is no set age when a parent should start teaching their child the Quran. It is a known fact that all children are no alike meaning some are more capable of understanding complex things from a younger age while there are some who are older but do not completely comprehend all types of knowledge. It is recommended to start teaching a child the Quran at a younger age because it is also another scientific fact those children who learn something in their younger years are bound to remember them. There are many schools around the world that provide online Quran classes for kids and adults where they can learn Quran reading online under the expert guidance of Online Quran tutors.  Many Muslims living in religiously obscure areas of the world find themselves at a stark disadvantage when it comes to gaining Islamic knowledge not only for themselves but for their children as well. Online Quran classes for kids and adults where they can learn Quran reading online have thus become one of the most significant contributors for spreading Islamic knowledge and online Quran tutors have since become one of the best alternatives for attending a physical school to learn the Quran.