Arabic Spring

The great revolution that the west dubbed as the Arab spring started in the December of 2010 from Tunisia and quickly wrapped the entire Arab world and as now it has been seen that it only brought devastating results. Following the first revolutions in the Arab lands, the world quickly turned its attention to the Middle-East. This prompted the media and other entities to quickly fill their ranks with people that knew how to speak Arabic language in order to cover what was going on in the Middle-East. Seeing this that there were so many opportunities in the world regarding this language, the people from all around started to learn the Arabic language and became interested in joining the courses and schools that provide such education. Online Quran Academy and schools around the world have seen and influxes in admissions from non-Muslims who are interested in not only the religion but some are just there to learn Arabic online. Online Arabic Courses where a person joins an online Quran academy to learn Arabic online have become especially popular among westerners after the events that followed the so called Arab Spring.  It was not long before Muslims and non-Muslims began to turn to any online Quran academy for their online Arabic courses. Today Arabic is fast becoming one of the most spoken languages in the world. According to research Chinese is the most spoken language in the world due to the sheer number of the population of the Sino lands of China and its immediate neighbors. English is the most spoken language with regards to the different races of people around the world. Arabic similarly is also in the top most spoken languages in the world and most probably behind English as the second most spoken language by a most diverse type of people around the world.

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