And Which of The Favours of Thy Lord Will Ye Deny

Surah Rahman is the surah that crowns the Quran and opens with the chant of a single word proclaiming one of Allah (SWT)’s most beautiful names, The All-Beneficent. It takes its name from the first verse, which mentions “the All-Beneficent” (al-Rahman). The surah highlights Gods wonders in this world, describes the end of the world, and paints an evocative picture of the delights of Paradise. Hell is briefly contrasted with the joys that await the righteous. The surah is characterized by the refrain “And which of the Favours of Thy Lord Will Ye Deny?” which runs throughout. The surah divides mankind and jinn into three classes: the disbelievers, the best of believers, and the ordinary believers. 

Surah Ar-Rahman

What’s it About

Allah (SWT) is the most Merciful and it is through his guidance and help that humans are able to do what they do. There are countless blessings that Allah (SWT) has bestowed upon mankind since time began in this earth. Surah Rahman is one of the most beautiful chapters of the Quran, and one of the most unique and salient features of this surah is the constant reputation of the words ‘And which of the Favours of Thy Lord Will Ye Deny’. Another thing that is unique about this surah is that it addresses both the Jinn and Man. One thing that people need to understand about this surah is that the repetitions of these words in it are done for a purpose and not just for style or emphasis but for a communicative purpose, the purpose being the expression of anger according to scholars.  Basically it is Allah (SWT)’s question towards an ungrateful mankind. However for those who know this surah they can attest to the fact that as the surah progresses the same words change their tone and become more loving and merciful towards mankind and the Jinn.

Core Matter

The core subject matter of this surah is broken up into 5 distinct passages and the first one of them is Allah (SWT)’s grand gift of teaching mankind the Quran and how it caters to the inner selves of the humans and how that is an expression of Allah (SWT)’s great mercy and love. After that the surah points out those people who do not appreciate the Quran and in that sense do not appreciate anything around them such as the stars, moon, sun, the pearls of the oceans etc. and how all things in the universe are dependent on Allah (SWT). The third passage is about judgement day and how the jinn and mankind will be gathered and what will be happening on that horrific day. This begs the question by people that how can a surah that starts with Al-Rahman can have something so scary in it. What they don’t realise is that this is also a way that Allah (SWT) shows mercy to us in the way that it is better for us to read about it and get horrified rather than having to taste it at the last day. After that the next passages relate to those that feared Allah (SWT) and thus will get two gardens in paradise.