Allah SWT Cares About You

Allah (SWT) is Ar-Rahman. Do you know what that means? That means that is the pinnacle, the most extreme level, no Mercy is greater than His, unlimited form of Mercy, basically beyond imagination. One thing that comes from the term Ar-Rahman is that it is happening right now. It is one thing to say Allah (SWT) cares,Allah (SWT) loves us, Allah (SWT) protects, but it is an entirely different thing to say that Allah (SWT) is protecting me right now, He is caring about me right now, He is concerned with me right now, He is delicate with my situation right now. That is the ultimate meaning, the realization in Ar-Rahman. This is what forces us to think on how Allah (SWT) is showing His love and care for us right now. Not tomorrow, not later, immediately.

There is not a single person in this world that does not have problems. Maybe they have financial problems, maybe they have family problems, maybe they have work problems and the list goes on and on.It is obvious that we think about our problems all the time and we do not think about Ar-Rahman all the time. We only focus on the problems we have, not the ones that Allah (SWT) has saved us from. Someone might get allergies and they immediately start complaining about their allergies, without realizing that their nose is still on their face and nothing worse has happened to them. That is Allah (SWT) taking care of us, for it can be much worse.

Allah (SWT) Cares About You

Have you ever realized that when a child is born, how many things can go wrong? We tend to complain about the grades of our children, their not paying attention in school, and their homework problems. If someone asks them about their children, the parents have a list ready about all the complaints they have with their kids. However if you ever talk to parents who lost a child, you will never hear them complain about anything that their child used to do; rather they will say that their child was perfect. The problem is that we do not appreciate the things that we have right now in our lives. At this very moment, we are not thinking of Allah (SWT) or realizing how much love He is showing us by protecting our family.

This is something that we have to think about every day. Just stop and think on Ar-Rahman, and think on how much Allah (SWT) doing for us. Allah (SWT) cares, He cares about each and every one of us. When people get depressed and question why they have many problems and tend to say that Allah (SWT) does not care about them, for them let it be known that the reason you are depressed and in problems is because you have not thought of Ar-Rahman often enough. Always remember, you don’t have to wait for Allah’s (SWT) care to come, it is already there for you.


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