Advice for Parents who wish their children to learn the Quran

All Muslim parents wish that their children are able to learn the Quran and recite it accordingly. For this they usually hire teacher, or enroll their children into religious institutes and mosques in order to learn how to read the Holy Scripture. Regrettably, in today’s world one thing that has become widespread and quite alarming is that many people now wish for their children to read the Quran, not to learn it but only to have their own status increased among their peers. As with all kinds of education, different children have different calibers and have different speeds of learning and understanding. This is a concept that is sadly lost on today’s parents who think that if their child is not performing well, then it is either he or she are stupid, or it’s the fault of the teacher. Parents today often make use of online Quran teaching institutes where online Quran tutor and teachers provide online Quran classes for kids. While many enroll their children into an online Quran academy since it is the best alternative available to them, many do it so that they keep an eye on their child’s progress and are usually quick to throw around blame when their child fails to perform.


Here are some advices for parents of Quran Learning children:

1.    Quran teachers, whether they be online Quran tutors or otherwise are still human beings and are in no way miracle workers. If a child is slow in his or her upkeep, it is probably due to the fact that he or she is a slow learner, which is not something neither the child nor the teacher should be blamed for.

2.    Show the teacher that is providing online Quran classes for kids or teaching in a mosque the same respect that you show the child’s school teachers.

3.    Value the teachers time and be punctual.

4.    Inform in advance when cancelling lessons.

5.    Have the students use the bathroom and perform the ablution before the lesson time.

6.    Have your child dressed accordingly.

7.    Teach your children to respect their teachers especially if they are teaching them the Quran. If you do not respect the teacher, nor will your children.

8.    Have your children revise the lesson. Just because you pay the teacher doesn’t mean there is no responsibility on you.

9.    If you have complaints, talk to the teacher privately and not in front of the children since it depletes the respect they have for the teacher.

10.    Most importantly, DO NOT tell the teacher how to do his or her job. The person teaching the Quran is well aware of what he or she is doing and if the teacher is spending a good time on the Noorani Qaidah, be assured that he or she has the best interest of the child at heart.