Advantages today that we have taken for granted

We all know that the learning and understanding of the Quran is of high importance to a Muslim, but the real question is how much we care about learning it. One of the biggest things that is worrisome about the day and age we live in is the utter disregard, appreciation and thanklessness of the ease that we have in all kinds of matters of life. There was a time and even today in some places of the world where people have to walk miles to get a drink of water. We get water in our taps. People have to travel on cartwheels and foot to get medical assistance in underdeveloped countries, we have air conditioned vehicles and doctors that call and set up checkups themselves. There was a time when people had to walk thousands of miles just to hear a single saying of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) or to learn about the Quran; today we can learn Quran online from our homes through online Quran Classes provided by online Quran Academy and institutes. In the past, people had to travel far and great distances to Arabia if they did not have a teacher of Arabic amongst them. Today we can easily learn Arabic online from online Arabic courses provided by the same online Quran academy and institutes. There are millions of people that learn Arabic online through these digital schools and not just Muslims, but non-Muslims as well who need to learn Arabic for a number of reasons.


There are several advantages of online Quran learning:

• Highly qualified teachers that are well versed in Islamic knowledge
• One on One interactions between students and teachers
• Flexible schedule according to the convenience of the student
• Highly affordable costs for Quality Quran studies
• No age restriction
• Time saving
• Availability of both male and female teachers
• Basic Islamic Principles teaching