The Importance of Arabic in a Changing World

Arabic is one of the most spoken languages in the world and regardless of the fact that Muslims all over the world learn spoken Arabic since the Quran the Holy book of Islam is in Arabic, it is spoken by over two hundred and sixty million people around the world. According to research, Arabic is the 5th most commonly spoken language in the world and is the native of over twenty six countries across the Middle East. It is also an official language at the United Nations, the Arab league, Organization of Islamic Conference and the African Union. But its true significance lies in the fact that Allah (SWT) Himself used this language above all the others to reveal the holiest of Scriptures as a mercy towards mankind, the Quran. Arabic’s importance is also evident in fact that Arabic language has become a highly demanded language in the Western Nations. As the importance of the Middle-East grows more and more in international affairs, those who are able to speak and write Arabic are sought after for many types of careers such as journalism and education in the west nowadays and learning this language has begun to acquire popularity in schools and colleges.

Until recently Arabic language was not much paid attention to in educational institutes which has had a direct effect on its availability to students who wish to actually learn it. Though most Muslims have some basic understanding of the Arabic language, people in Western countries even some Muslim there have a hard time grasping the fundamentals to learn spoken Arabic. Though it is certainly being promoted now, Arabic online courses are by far most responsible for bringing more and more people to learn this language. Now in today’s world Arabic is being learned by millions of people and it is soon becoming one of the dominant languages. To Muslims, Arabic is the divine language in which Allah (SWT) revealed the Holy Quran to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) over 1400 years ago. It is understood across the Muslims world that the Quran should be recited in no other language, because unlike most of the other languages of the world, Arabic is unique in its linguistic and grammatical principles. Every Muslim is encouraged to learn Arabic and get a good understanding of its nature before reading the Quran because in Arabic, a single word can have different meaning depending on how it is pronounced. Many people in Western nations and even in countries like Australia, and Japan have resorted to Arabic online courses in order to become fluent in their chosen second language. There are many schools that now offer courses such as classical Arabic and modern standard Arabic (MSA).