The Garden Where the Quran Lives Memorization

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was sent towards the entirety of the human race unlike His predecessors who were meant to be guidance to a specific nation or tribe. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is also a blessing towards the entire universe, and since he was a messenger of Allah (SWT), He was given a miracle just like the Prophet Isa (Jesus Christ A.S) was given the miracle to heal leprosy and bring people back from the dead. Unlike any of the previous Messengers, Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) miracle differed greatly from theirs because His (SAW) miracle is the Quran. Quran is the word of Allah (SWT) revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and its unique nature and destiny is that it will remain unchanged until the end of time. This is one of the reasons it is widely considered the greatest miracle. The preservation of the Quran is partly due to the existence of the Hafizeen; the people who memorize the Quran.

Quran memorization online has become more and more popular among the widely spread Muslims of the world. Today a Muslim person who lives in an obscure or religious ambiguous area can easily enrol in a Quran memorization course along with his or her children and take open their hearts to the words of Allah (SWT). People who memorize Quran online are now able to acquire the same knowledge and guidance that was once available to only those people who had an abundance of institutes and religious centres where they could learn in depth. Quran memorization online is very similar and in many cases superior to attending a regular institute. It offers the freedom for the student to choose their own timings for the lessons that fit best into their schedules. It also allows people to learn the Quran directly through a scholar without any type of interference or disturbance. With the advent of the internet and online schooling, Islamic education has become available to a significant part of humanity which is a blessing and will help spread the word of Allah (SWT).