Children are a blessing of Allah (SWT) and joy of life. To parents, kids are one of the biggest rewards bestowed upon them by Allah (SWT). They bring happiness to one's life and give a person to strive for in this world. Children are also a great source of salvation for the Muslims for it is our belief that taking care of one's children leads to the pleasure and favor of the Almighty. As such there are many rights of children that have been placed on parents in Islam. One of them is to give the child a good name, a name that is pleasing and soft or has good meaning. Quran School being one of the leading online Quran digital academies in the world that provide Quran classes over Skype, also has a large database of Muslim names on its website with their meanings. It is vital to give your child a good and pleasing name for that is one of the first rights that the kid deserves. On our website you will find a large list of names for both boys and girls to choose from with their literary meanings. We have a carefully chosen list of Muslim and Islamic baby names including the greatest names such as that of our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his companions.

Muslim Baby Boy Name

Muslim Baby Girl Name

Name Gender Meaning
Abbasah Girl Lioness
Abda Girl Extraordinary, Original, Beautiful
Abdah Girl Worshipper of Allah
Abdiqani Girl Add Meaning
Abeedah Girl Worshipper, Narrator of Hadith, Daughter of Nabil had this Name
Abeer Girl Fragrance
Abeera Girl The Mixture of the Smell of the Petals of Rose and Sundal
Abeerah Girl Rose, Sandal Saffron Mixed Together in a Fragrance
Abha Girl Lustre, Shine, More or Most Beautiful, More Splendid
Abhaj Girl More or Most Beautiful
Abhar Girl Narcissus, Arabian Jasmine
Abia Girl Great, My Father is the Lord, Yahweh is My Father
Abida Girl Worshippers, Adorers, She who Worships
Abidah Girl Worshipper, Devotee
Abiha Girl The Water Falls of Heaven
Abilasha Girl Wish, Desire, Goddess Lakshmi
Abir Girl Fragrant
Abiya Girl Brilliant, Splendid
Abla Girl Perfectly Formed, A Wild Rose
Ablaa Girl Perfectly Formed, A Flower
Ablah Girl Perfectly Formed
Ablaj Girl Shining, Beautiful, Fair, Bright-faced, Clear, With Separated Eyebrows
Abqari Girl Multicoloured, Ingenious, Genial, Perfect
Abqurah Girl Genius
Abra Girl Lesson, A Kind of Boat, Example, Father of a Multitude