Quran School has become one of the pioneers of Online Islamic education in the world and today provides many courses that make active use of technologies like the internet and software such as Skype to spread Islamic learning among the masses through expert tutoring and teaching and online Quran classes. Quran School does not merely provide the basic studies that cover the learning of Arabic alphabets such as Quran Qaida courses for adults and kids, but also has experts scholars in its faculty that are capable of teaching higher levels of Islamic education such as Quran tafseer course, Spoken Arabic, memorization of the Quran courses and even in depth tajweed courses online.

The main purposes of Quran School is to teach Muslims how to recite the book of Allah (SWT) which is why it provides course to read Quran online, memorize Quran online, and online Arabic classes along with online tajweed classes. Since its inception in 2007, Quran School has been providing one on one sessions with live Quran teachers for students who wish to learn the Quran. Quran School is a virtual Islamic Studies Institute which is financed by an Electronic Product Design and Manufacturing Company based in Silicon Valley, USA.

Who Can Join Us?

Who want to learn read Quran Online:

Quran School is the best choice for anyone who wishes to learn the Quran but is barred by several complications that disable them to do so. Also online Quran learning is best suited for those people who cannot travel, the disabled and those that have concerns over attending a regular institute such as unavailability of time. This form of learning is also best of young kids who wish to learn the Quran.

Who have no availability of Quran Tutors:

The main benefit of online education is its availability to all kinds of people and that is something Quran School has built its base around on. Through Quran School, people using Skype across the world have the means for one on one interactive session with learned online Quran teachers.

Who cannot Travel:

Quran School provides the ideal platform for those people who cannot travel to institutes or other locales to learn the Quran.

Who want to learn Quran with Tajweed Online:

For those that want to learn to recite the Quran the correct way and in the way Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his companions used to recite it, then they can benefit greatly from Quran Schools online tajweed classes.

Who want to learn Tafseer:

Tafseer is the explanation of the Quran and is one of the most satisfying and enlighten sources of information for people who wish to understand the deeper meanings and context of the Quranic verses. Quran School provides online tafseer courses for such people.

Who wants to Memorize Quran Online:

Memorization of the Quran is one of the noblest acts that a Muslim can accomplish, even though it is not an easy task. With Quran School's expertly tailored online Quran memorization course, those interested can easily perform this great deed.

Who want to teach their Children the Quran:

Children are the future and it is important for Muslims parents to instil Islamic values in their children. Quran School is the best option that provides courses to learn Quran online for kids.

Who wants to learn Arabic Online:

Arabic is the language of the Quran and was the language chosen by Allah (SWT) above all others to record His final revelation in. Learning Arabic greatly helps in the understanding of the Quran and Quran School provides multiple courses for those that wish to learn this ancient language.

Who wants to learn Gadgets Online:

The path to online Quran reading and learning starts from operating the computer or any smart device you are using. There are many people around the world, especially the elderly who do not know how to use these devices. Quran School provides special courses that are designed to teach people the use of such devices.

Who want to Learn Academic courses Online:

Apart from basic Quran education, Quran School has a number of courses that deal with other disciplines of Islamic doctrine for those that are interested in learning more about Islamic jurisprudence.

Our Vision

The primary vision behind the creation of Quran has always been to provide Muslims, adults and kids alike across the world and especially those who live in areas of the world where there are no good Quran teachers or institutes to learn about Islam or cannot attend a regular mosque or center to learn the Quran due to their busy lives, a platform where they can easily learn Quran online through online Quran classes without having to sacrifice other aspects of their schedules. Quran School does not only provide online Quran teaching over Skype at its basic form, rather it offers complete courses and services that are designed to help Muslims better understand their religion such as the studies to memorize Quran online. Whereas we provide online Quran classes, we also provide courses to learn Arabic online and studies that teach Quran reading with tajweed rules for adults, kids and people of all races. Apart from Islamic studies, we also provide a detailed online gadgets learning course that teaches basic functionality and use of modern devices and which is especially useful to the early.

Our Mission

We have made it our Mission in life to spread the message of Islam and to spread the understanding of the Book of Allah (SWT), the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) among the masses and especially among the kids and young people. Through flexible Skype oriented, online Quran classes that people can schedule themselves in ways that are most convenient to them, Quran School provides people across the world to learn Quran online, memorize Quran online, and learn Quran reading with tajweed rules. Quran School is the best online institute to learn Quran online for kids, all under the guidance of extremely qualified online Quran tutors. Making money has never been the focus of Quran School, and the fact that what we earn is spent on the education of the needy in Asia bears testament to that fact.

Why learn Quran

The Quran is the word of Allah (SWT) and one of the obligations that Muslims, adults, kids alike and humanity needs to have is to show it respect, recite it and understand it. The Quran is the central core of the religion of Islam and all the laws and regulations that Muslims follow come from here and the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). In this respect it is obvious that Islam is a vast religion of which learning the Quran is one of its main branches. There was time in the world that people had to face many dangers and travels thousands of miles to arrive at places where they could learn the Quran. Today with online Quran classes learning about the book of Allah (SWT) has become very convenient and all Muslims should take advantage of this perk. The Quran is also the first and most important form of guidance for all mankind and it is imperative that we as Muslims learn about it and implement its teachings into our daily lives, for only then will we find peace in this life and success in the next.
Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said,

"Read the Quran, for verily it will come on the Day of Standing as an intercessor for its companions."

Why Choose Quran School?

Islamic education is not something to take lightly, especially where kids and those people who have no knowledge of the Quran are concerned, because whatever is taught to such people and young children is taken by them to be the absolute truth where religion is concerned it. Thus it is imperative that people make a thought out, smart and right choice when choosing an online Islamic academy to learn about the Quran. Quran School is one of the leading digital Islamic schools providing opportunities to learn Quran online through Skype, in the world and has served as the learning grounds of Islamic knowledge for innumerable people. One of the several reasons why Quran School is the best option for you is simply because our prices are very affordable, and our timings are extremely flexible which allows our students to learn Quran online from our online Quran teachers in one on one sessions from anywhere in the world at any given time and on any kind of smart device such as computers, smartphones and tablets. We operate mainly from the United States of America but have multiple facilities across Asia.


Quran School is an online Quran teaching school that provides a many online courses related to Islamic learning and knowledge through Skype classes and is one of the most reliable and trusted digital Islamic academies operating in the world today. Established in 2007, for the last 9 years, Quran School has been hard at work spreading the message of Islam across the world and have since the time of its inception taught and satisfied an innumerable amount of people from around the world including the old and kids. Our students are based in not only the western countries such as America and Europe, but are also found in the far reaches of the globe in countries such as Australia and Japan. With over 50 active online Quran teachers from countries like Pakistan and Malaysia who are not only able to teach the holy scripture but are also adept in guiding students on the use of basic devices, Quran School is one the online institutes with considerable talent within its faculty ranks and many courses to offer such as Arabic and Academic studies.