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Quran School is an Online Quran learning academy helping Muslims to learn how to read Quran Online, memorize Quran Online, Quran Tajweed Classes, Arabic online classes and more with one on one Online Quran tutors and teachers at your convenient days and time. Quran School is a Virtual Quran and Islamic Studies Institute financed by an Electronic Product Design and Manufacturing Services Company in Silicon Valley, USA for those Muslims who because of unavailability of Quran Teachers or busy schedule of parents and kids cannot Learn Quran Online.

Over last 8 years, Quran School has proved itself as a reputed brand among Muslims who desired to teach their children Quran and Hadith. At Quran School, quality is our one of the main core value. Quality team of Quranschool.com make sure that our Online Quran Learning processes are effective so that each lesson being taught leaves our students with an increased knowledge and understanding of Quran. The main reason behind Quran School success is our Qualified Quran tutors, professional customer service and skilled IT team.

  Daily Hadith / Ayat

We did not send any apostle before you but We revealed to him that ‘There is no god except Me; so worship Me.
[Book: Holy Quran ,Surah: Al-Anbiya, Ayah 21:25]

Online Quran Courses & Programs

Quran School is one of the pioneer Online Islamic education provider where you can learn Arabic Online, Quran Tafseer, and Spoken Arabic along with beginners' courses like Quran Qaida, Quran Reading with tajweed rules and can improve your Quran Recitation. At Quran School, our online Tutors are also there to help you 24/7. We provide tutoring services and homework help services that connect students to a professional tutor online on demand. Our online Gadgets learning course helps elders learn basic use of gadgets

Reasons to Choose Quran School

It's imperative to choose the right Online Quran learning service. What makes Quran School such a great choice? A few reasons include:

Any Device. Any Time

Learn Quran online anywhere in the world through any device at your own convenient days and time with our qualified online Quran tutors

Specialized Tutoring

Quran School have specialized Online Quran tutors along with Qualified Online gadgets tutors and online academic courses tutors.

Female Teachers

Online Quran classes, Online Gadgets courses and Online Academic course are also offered by female teachers who are very well trained and qualified.

Flexible Schedule

Quran School offers flexibility to choose class days and times for Online Quran Reading as per student's convenience. We also provide weekend classes only.

One-on-one classes

Quran School offers quality online Quran classes to every student. We prefer one on one online Quran teaching with no group sessions so a teacher can concentrate on each student individually.

Free trial

At Quran School we not only offer 3 days or a week free trial classes, until you are satisfied you can take free trials classes without any obligation.

Success stories

Looking for reviews about Quran School? Read our testimonials page to see what our students think about us.

Employee Learning

We at Quran School always give our employees a learning platform where they can learn world class teaching techniques that could help them teach in a better way.



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