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In this day and age of the internet, entire degrees can be achieved by people through online learning. One of the best advancements that have come out in the field of education in the last two decades is the advent of the internet learning. A truly innovative and beneficial thing that Muslims across the world have done is take this technology and use it to spread the message of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) by establishing online Quran academies where people, adults and kids alike can learn Quran online over Skype, under the teaching expertise of qualified and learned online Quran teachers.
Quran School in an online Islamic academy that since the day it first began its operation has been providing Muslims across the world a platform to learn Quran online, memorize Quran online and classes that allow a person to learn Quran reading with tajweed rules. The school also provides lingual studies such as Arabic online classes and tajweed online courses under the guidance of highly educated and expert in their field online Quran teachers in directly interactive, one on one classes that are flexible enough that any student including kids and the working class can have them scheduled according to their own timings and days. These classes are provided over Skype. Quran School is a Virtual Islamic Studies institute financed by an Electronic Product Design and Manufacturing Services Company based in Silicon Valley, USA. Quran School’s main focus is to provide expert Islamic education especially for those Muslims across the world that do not have access to good or no Islamic teachers or do not have the time in their busy schedules to attend a regular institute to learn the book of Allah (SWT).

Online Quran Courses & Programs

Quran School has become one of the pioneers of Online Islamic education in the world and today provides many courses that make active use of technologies like the internet and software such as Skype to spread Islamic learning among the masses including kids, through expert tutoring and teaching and online Quran classes. Quran School does not merely go over the basic studies that cover the learning of Arabic alphabets such as Quran Qaida courses, but also has experts scholars in its faculty that are capable of teaching higher levels of Islamic education such as found in Quran tafseer course, Spoken Arabic, memorization of the Quran courses and even in depth tajweed courses online. The main benefits of these courses is that the learner can become aware of the inner meaning of the Quran, learn how to recite the Quran the way it is meant to be recited and to become knowledgeable enough to spread the message themselves and to fulfill their obligations to Allah (SWT) and to His Prophet Muhammad (SAW). At Quran School, qualified online Quran tutors and online Quran teachers are ever present over Skype to help and guide you and to answer any query that you might have about the religion of Islam to the best of their knowledge and understanding. We provide services that directly connect individuals be they adults or kids to qualified scholars online for any questions and guidance relating any topic be it religious or other.

Reasons to Learn Quran Online

Islamic education is not something to take lightly, especially where children and those people who have no knowledge of the Quran are concerned, because whatever is taught to such people and young children is taken by them to be the absolute truth where religion is concerned it. Thus it is imperative that people make a thought out, smart and right choice when choosing an online Islamic academy and teachers to learn about the Quran. Quran School is one of the leading digital Islamic schools in the world and has served as the learning grounds of Islamic knowledge for innumerable people already both adults and kids, but here are still some great reasons, why you should choose us.

Learn Quran online on Any Device at Any Time.

Any Device. Any Time

Students in this digital world today communicate, collaborate, socialize, work, explore and most importantly learn with technologies that are in their pockets today. Muslims across the world have taken initiatives to use technology and software such as Skype to spread the message of Islam. Quran School has become a pioneer in designing online Quran courses through which people learn about Islam over Skype. This allows adults and kids to learn from anywhere and anytime across the world.

Online Specialized Quran Tutors.

Specialized Tutoring

Online education has become one of the best methods of teaching and online Islamic schools have taken the initiative to spread Islam through these means. Quran School has many specialized online Quran teachers and expertly trained online gadget teachers to impart all kinds of knowledge. There are many benefits of specialized tutoring that Quran School emphasizes on such as offering students guidance related to all aspects of life.

Online Female Quran Teachers

Female Teachers

Quran School is one of the pioneers of online digital Islamic academies that has been spread the message of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) across the globe using Skype over the Internet. For Muslim sisters and young kids Quran School provides the services of female Quran teachers that are capable of teaching in the best way possible. Women and kids feel much more comfortable learning Quran from female teachers and this is something that we are well aware of for it is our goal to provide you with the best Quran learning experience as possible.

Flexible Schedule to Learn Quran Online

Flexible Schedule

One of the problem of education today is it is nearly impossible to fit around work and family responsibilities. This is quite true where Quran education is concerned for Muslims be they adults or kids, especially living in the West today. By one of the online Quran courses provided by Quran School, you can easily find the time and means to learn about the Quran regardless of your busy lives, ultimately filling an obligation to Allah (SWT) and His Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Online Quran reading

One-on-one classes

Online education is very convenient for not only Muslims living in areas where there are no qualified teachers, but to also people living in rural areas, those with health issues and disabilities that prevent them from travelling and for those that have to frequently travel. Quran School offers expertly designed one on one interactive courses that are taught under the guidance of qualified online Quran teachers that are able to answer all kinds of queries that a adults or kids might have.

learn Arabic Online

Free trial

One of the best offers that Quran School makes regarding the satisfaction of our students is providing 3 to 7 days free trial for our services where a person can learn anything they are interested in, and the best part is that there is no obligation on that student that binds them to join us after his or her trial has ended. Whereas other instates and work areas make it a habit of providing free trials and then to constantly bombard the potential students with emails and other forms of communication, reminding them of their trial and trying to convince them to join up, Quran School relies on its qualifications and expertise of its faculty.

Success stories on Online Quran School

Success stories

Quran School is an online Quran teaching school that provides a many courses related to Islamic learning and knowledge and is one of the most reliable and trusted digital Islamic academies operating in the world today. Established in 2007, for the last 9 years, Quran School has been hard at work spreading the message of Islam across the world and have since the time of its inception taught and satisfied an innumerable amount of people that include both adults and kids from around the world. Don't take our word for it, read some of our testimonials.

Online Quran Teaching

Employee Learning

Quran School is proud to announce that even though we are well confident in the abilities and qualifications of our online Quran tutors and online Quran teachers, both male and female, we still implement a platform that allows these teachers to learn from their general experience when working with individual students from around the world that not only helps these teachers in their individuals skills and careers but also benefits us as an organization.



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Who Can Join Us?

Quran School is one of the leading online digital schools that have significant popularity among Muslims living in areas where they have a hard time finding platforms to learn about the Quran and Islam for themselves and their kids. Children are the future of any nation and that holds true to Muslims as well and thus we focus in more detail on teaching kids about the Quran because this is the age in which the mind develops and is eager for knowledge. This does not however mean that only children are taken as students here at Quran School. As an online Islamic School built to spread the message of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) through the internet and Skype, we welcome people of all ages and nationalities. It is often heard about a child memorizing the Quran at an early age but is seldom heard about an elderly man doing the same. This is why we focus on teaching kids from a young age.

Our Philosophy

The main purpose of starting this online Quran academy is to gain the favor and blessing of Allah (SWT) by spreading His religion across the world, making it common among the masses and by providing easy access to a platform that provides top class Islamic education to anyone who seeks it over the internet through Skype. Our other goal focuses on teaching adults and kids how to read the Quran with tajweed, and providing them with extensive Islamic studies so that they may understand this beautiful religion. By teaching people across the world about what Islam truly stands for and how it is applied to general life, we ensure that people become aware of their religion and spread and defend it through peaceful and intellectual dialogue and to defeat any misunderstanding that others may have about it.

We Offer Free Trials

One of the best offers that Quran School makes regarding the satisfaction of our students is providing 3 to 7 days free trial for our services where a person can learn Quran online through Skype, and the best part is that there is no obligation on that to join after the trial has ended. Whereas other institutes and work areas make it a habit of providing free trials and then to constantly bombard the potential students, be they adults or kids with emails and other forms of communication, reminding them of their trial and trying to convince them to join up, Quran School relies on its qualifications and expertise of its faculty.
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Why We Are Different?

Quran School is an online digital Islamic academy and has deep infrastructure embedded within the IT industry, which is why Quality Assurance is our main goal and the factor that separates us from our competition. Quran School utilizes the latest technologies and software such as Skype to offer classes. Quran School provides a number of courses that are designed for the entire family such as online Quran learning for both adults and kids.
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Our Online Quran Teacher

Quran School is one of the leading and most reliable online Islamic academies in the world today operating from the United States of America where people can learn Quran online. Though we are based in the USA we have over 50 active teachers in our faculty belonging from countries such as Malaysia and Pakistan that have already taught hundreds of students from around the world including adults and kids. Our highly learned and professional online Quran tutors are well capable of teaching children from ages 4 to up and are trained to communicate in multiple languages including Arabic, English and Urdu. Our online courses are set up in such ways that ensure the class starts on time and ends on time, and all of this happens under our strict supervision. Our online Quran teachers provide two teaching services in the same class. The major half of the lesson time is spent on Quran Lessons including Qaida lessons, and the latter half is spent on teaching children Dua and Prayers. This allows not only the learner to gain knowledge about the Quran but basic knowledge about Islamic principles as well. We go through a lengthy process of hiring Quran teachers that follows and in depth and detailed background check and testing of their Islamic knowledge and Quran recitation and understanding skills. After that they are trained extensively in the teaching processes that are especially focused on how to teach children. Our services are so satisfactory that people including children always eagerly await their next lesson and always appear on time on Skype for their lessons.

What is the Quran?

The Quran is the last revelation from Allah (SWT) towards humanity and it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) who was an Arab over 1400 years ago. The Quran is the last of the Holy Scriptures that have been sent towards mankind from the Most Merciful and it was brought to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) over the course of approximately 23 years by the Angle Jibreel (Gabriel A.S). One of the amazing things about the Quran is that even though it was revealed in the Arabic language, this is one of the few books in the world today that have been translated many known languages.
Quran is the literally the word of Allah (SWT) and is one of the primary sources that form the basis of Islamic jurisprudence. Apart from the Quran, there is the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The main difference between the two is that Quran is the word of Allah (SWT) and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) are the actions that were inspired by Allah (SWT) in his pious Messenger.
Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the last messenger to ever come towards humanity and the Quran is the final guidance. It is the obligation of all Muslims to recite and understand the Quran for it is a blessing for all and has remained unchanged since the day it was revealed.

Our Professional Teachers

Quran School is one of the most reliable digital academies where people can learn Quran online over Skype. Similarly like other teaching institutions, Quran School has a faculty of teachers that offer Quran teaching classes for people who wish to learn. All of the teachers that we hire to teach people the Quran go through extensive checks and trials before they are brought into the institute simply because what they are teaching is the word of Allah (SWT) and mistakes are not an option. These teachers are not only selected based on their knowledge but also for their personalities, interpretation skills, and how they handle students especially kids, when motivating and encouraging them during their online Quran classes.

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